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Sisonke Rising

We teach kids from the local Diepsloot and Olievenhoutbosch townships the basics of coding, and the deeper lessons that put them on the path to self discovery.

Annual #Drivenci Unconference

Each year we invite a selection of people working in and around the South African software industry to a weekend away in the bush, to discuss ideas and share learning.


We host free Saturday events where professional software developers can learn from each other in a relaxed environment away from the pressures of having to delivery software.

Software Craftsmanship Sessions

We run formal workshop-style programs to start developers on a journey to true software craftsmanship. We focus on skills that are typically required, but often lacking, in an agile software development world.

Team Tourism

We promote and practice the concept that each team is like a tribe on a small island. Tribes can send or receive ambassadors to their islands and share the local culture and traditions, then take the learning back to their own tribes. We've mapped out where hospitable islands are, and can facilitate trips.

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