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What would happen

If you grew an organisation from the ground up, based firmly on meeting people's needs?


By focusing on meeting people's needs first and subordinating the work system to the people in it, we've evolved a far more healthy and high-functioning system than if we were to treat people as parts of a machine.


We move forward through short experiments with courageous feedback. Ideas grow, becoming things that adapt and sometimes that die. We become stronger, evolving and adapting, through the process.


We are not a commercial partner to any other service provider, we don't resell 3rd party licenses and we don't take on any outsourced delivery. We are optimised for providing the best possible independent advice, guidance and hands-on assistance for your specific context.


We harness network effects - by actively growing ourselves and the networks of people around us we raise ourselves up, uplifting our whole community, and ultimately our whole country, continent and world.

What we're doing

There's always something interesting happening in Driven...

Kevin Trethewey will be presenting the Spine Model at Agile 2015 in Washington DC this August.

Published on 19 Jun, 2015 - Kevin

Janco Wolmarans will be co-presenting "Real Agile Quality" at Agile Africa 2015.

Published on 19 Jun, 2015 - Kevin

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